Day: November 3, 2018

Pexel Photo Barista Holding a Cup of Art Coffee

The 12 Tools You Need to Become a Barista

If you plan to start making espresso at home or you want to become a professional barista, there are a number of tools and accessories that I assure you will need. However, everything will depend on the coffee maker or tool you want to use to make your Espresso and how perfectionist you are. If […]

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Coffee breakfast, Making Coffee

Methods of Coffee Extraction

Did you know that there are different methods and implements used to prepare a delicious cup of coffee? That’s right, the electric and automatic coffee makers that are used today are only a small part of the great variety that exists. Each of the methods and implements are responsible for extracting the exquisite flavors and […]

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Pexels Photo Notes of Coffee Flavors

Notes of Coffee Flavor

If you are a coffee lover (or have ever tried it) you will notice that it does not always have the same flavor or the same aroma and this is due to the different notes of the coffee,  but … what are the notes really? The notes that we find in the coffee are not […]

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