Coffee Around the World – Geography of Coffee (The Bean Belt)

Coffee is a majestic drink that millions of people enjoy drinking every single day.

Even if you are a passionate coffee drinker and you cannot imagine your life without it, you may not know what a coffee plant looks like. Today, you are about to learn some of the most interesting facts about your favorite drink.

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What is ‘The Bean Belt’?

The Bean Belt represents all the countries around the globe where coffee is being grown. The interesting thing is that these countries are located around the Equator and form a belt – thus the name.

Some of these countries include:

  • Brazil,
  • Vietnam,
  • Colombia,
  • India,
  • Mexico, etc.

These are mostly sunny regions, which is exactly the type of climate that coffee plants require for a natural and healthy growth.

Characteristics of the Coffee Plant

The coffee plant is extremely sensitive to weather, and it takes about four years to see the first fruits. When the fruit matures, it is usually harvested manually, because it immediately passes to mature coffee beans. The next stage is separating the fruits from the shell by drying coffee beans in the sun or by special washing techniques. Dry coffee beans are usually greenish, so this phase was named “green coffee”. By combining different grains, you can get several types of coffee, and from the moment when you make the perfect mix, the most important step in making coffee – preparation begins.

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is determined by many different factors, including the species, the land on which it is grown, and the climate itself. There are two types of coffee: arabica and robust. Both species grow in tropical zones with warm, humid climate, but at different altitudes.

The most popular species of coffee is arabica which is grown in just a few countries. Arabica is known as Brazilian coffee, growing at higher altitudes, distinguished by its quality and low content of caffeine.

There are more than 1.6 billion cups of coffee that are consumed every day around the world. Choose your favorite aroma and enjoy your cup!

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