Methods of Coffee Extraction

Did you know that there are different methods and implements used to prepare a delicious cup of coffee? That’s right, the electric and automatic coffee makers that are used today are only a small part of the great variety that exists.

Each of the methods and implements are responsible for extracting the exquisite flavors and aromas to satisfy the most demanding palates. In the same way, according to the method or implement used and the grain that is chosen, a more intense, roasted, acidic or sweeter coffee will be obtained.Coffee breakfast, Making Coffee

To begin, we will do it with espresso coffee machines … Yes, those that are in all the restaurants and cafes in the world and with which you get the famous “Espresso”. These coffee makers work by pouring boiling water over the ground coffee beans.

Another of the most used methods is the French press. This is considered the easiest method to make coffee since the Italian Faliero Bondanini decided to place a seal around the filter so that the coffee particles do not pass into the drink … What a genius!

With the French press you must mix the coffee with boiling water in the press container, let it rest for a few minutes and then lower the plunger to separate the water with the coffee beans that have dissolved.

For its part, the Moka coffee maker works similar to the French press, as none need electricity and allow you to prepare your coffee wherever you are. The difference is that the Moka must be placed over a direct fire on a stove so that the hot water is pushed up and strained with coffee.

Another very popular method is the Chemex method … Do you know it? If your answer is no, maybe it’s because you know it as “filter or drip coffee makers”. This method consists of placing a paper filter and pouring the ground coffee into it, then you must add the water slowly and circularly so that the infusion falls into the container … Perfect for beginner baristas!

While it is true that there are other methods such as immersion (to prepare cold coffee) or the Aeropress (to prepare coffee thanks to pressure), the ones mentioned above are the most popular and with which I assure you will enjoy a delicious Cup of coffee.

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