Notes of Coffee Flavor

If you are a coffee lover (or have ever tried it) you will notice that it does not always have the same flavor or the same aroma and this is due to the different notes of the coffee,  but … what are the notes really?

The notes that we find in the coffee are not more than a reference close to the aroma and flavor of it. For example, a coffee can have notes of vanilla or caramel, thanks to the properties that the grain develops during its cultivation.

Pexels Photo Notes of Coffee Flavors

Now, did you know that there are nine main notes of coffee? It is thanks to them that we can identify not only their aroma, but also their flavor. These nine notes are: sweet, floral, fruity, acid or fermented, green or vegetable, toasted, spices, nuts or cocoa and others.

The sweet notes are characterized by having an average intensity, in them we find sweet aromas similar to caramelised notes or vanilla, however, the floral notes are identified by their delicate aroma of fresh flowers and their acidity is usually medium or low.

When talking about fruity notes we find light aromas of apple, kiwi or strawberries and its sweetness is usually between medium and low. Acid or fermented notes refer to the flavors and fragrances of alcoholic beverages such as whiskey or wine.

The green or vegetable notes are due to aromas similar to freshly cut grass and immature fruit flavor, that is, they are more acidic than sweet. On the other hand, toasted notes are related to tobacco or wood and tend to have medium intensity.

In the case of spicy notes, these are usually sweet and sharp, similar to cinnamon or cloves. The notes of nuts or cocoa are mostly sweet and in some cases you feel notes of spices too.

Surely you are wondering, what is the last group of the nine notes? The last notes are divided into two groups: paper and chemicals. If you ever taste them, you will feel flavors or aromas that will remind you of freshly cut wood, rubbers or medicines.

There is no doubt that identifying the different notes of the coffee will take you to delight your palate to the fullest … Refine your senses and enjoy your coffee to the fullest!

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